Provepharm Life Solutions is an independent biopharmaceutical company selling globally. Since its
creation in 1998, Provepharm Life Solutions has been leveraging its expertise in fine chemistry for
the revitalization of known molecules. The group has developed a methylene blue product, which
complies with the European and US pharmacopoeia and is marketed as Proveblue® / Provayblue™. It
is the only injectable methylene blue product approved by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
and has received the orphan drug designation for the treatment of methemoglobinemia in the US.
Provepharm Life Solutions’ strategy consists in developing Proveblue® / Provayblue™ for new
indications, applying its expertise for the revitalisation of other molecules and strengthening its
international business.


1998 →  Provence Technologies founded
2007 → Discovery of the purification procedure (patent claimed)
2011 → Marketing Authorization in Europe
2014 → Marketing Authorization in Japan
2015 → Marketing Authorization in Australia
2016 →  Marketing Authorization in the USA
2017 →  Launch of new Methylene Blue indications and new vitalized molecules