Primo Group

Business Overview

ArchiMed completed its investment in the Italian dental services company, Primo Group Spa, in July 2015. Primo owns and manages a network of dental clinics, which developed in Turin and Piemonte first, and then started to expand into other strategic regions of Italy from 2014.

Primo was founded by a group of entrepreneurs with strong commercial experience in the health & wellness sector, who started a close collaboration with Dr Vincenzo Notaro, the Dean of Turin’s prestigious Dental School. The combination of professional operational management and clinical leadership, provided the perfect platform for sustained growth at Primo, which saw its network develop from one clinic in 2011 to sixteen by June 2015.

Primo provides a full range of dental services, from hygiene and conservation, to implantology and prosthetics, through orthodontics, endodontics, and paradontology. In 2013, Primo decided to open its own dental prosthetics lab to allow for greater control over the quality, cost, and speed of its prosthetics services.

Underpinning this growth we find strong brand recognition, which Primo was able to develop around the quality of its dentists and patient service. Primo is driven by a philosophy of high quality at a reasonable, sustainable price, consistent with its mission of becoming “your dentist for life” (“il tuo dentista per la vita”).

ArchiMed is supporting the incumbent management team and shareholder group by providing new equity to continue the company’s organic growth strategy. In particular, the new capital will be used to finance the opening of new clinics in strategic regions of Italy, beyond its strong historical base around Turin. Capital will be provided also for the adoption of new technology to continue to modernize the prosthetics workflow and maintain high-quality patient service across the group.


2010 → Primo founded in Turin
2011 → First dental care clinic opened in Turin
2012 → Two additional clinics opened in Turin
2013 → Four additional clinics and a dental prosthetics lab opened in Piemonte
2014 → Six additional clinics opened, including first clinics in Rome and Lombardia
2015 → First clinics opened in Puglia and Emilia Romagna