Business Overview

ArchiMed acquired the majority of Micromed, a franco-italian manufacturer of high-end electrometrical devices in the field of neurology diagnostics. ArchiMed sourced the opportunity through its proprietary healthcare network. Following a direct approach, ArchiMed entered into exclusive discussions with the Company’s founders, proving once more its ability to exclusively source primary opportunities of leading niche players in the healthcare sector.

Micromed is a European leader that assembles and installs medical devices dedicated to the monitoring of electrical activity of brain, muscles, and nerves. Founded in 1982 and headquartered near Lyon (France) and Venezia (Italy), Micromed has developed a global presence with a diversified customer base across 40 countries, including USA, China and all western European countries. ArchiMed is investing alongside the current Management team.

Micromed’s fast growth over the past years has been fueled by an accelerated international expansion as well as differentiated product and value-added service offerings. Micromed has established a strong technological leadership in the growing neurology diagnostics sector by continuous in-house product developments and innovations, especially on high-end areas such as Epilepsy.  It is management’s and ArchiMed’s ambition to follow Micromed’s past growth path by continuous product portfolio innovation as well as by exploiting international growth opportunities. Given ArchiMed’s sector-focused approach and international expertise, ArchiMed is the ideal partner to support the company’s development. ArchiMed is also reviewing a number of possible add-on opportunities for Micromed.


1982 → Micromed is founded. In the same year, Micromed introduced the first 10-channel EEG Holter recorder
1989  Micromed, develops the first computerized EEG 24 handheld with channels, battery-operated and supported by notebook
1999  Micromed proved again its innovation leadership Micromed began studying an innovative tool to help Automatic Reporting EEG, a system of paths analysis software based on neural networks and expert systems
2005  Micromed introduced a new LTM system for the extended monitoring of epilepsy with 32 to 128 channels
2010 Developed an interface with the Hospital Information Systems