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ArchiMed SAS

« Société par actions simplifiée » with a capital of €175 000

RCS Lyon 795 309 525

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ArchiMed  SAS is registered with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) under N° GP-14000002

Registered office : 2 Place de Francfort – 69003 – Lyon

Managing editor : Denis Ribon

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Responsible Investor

ArchiMed is committed to sustainable development and responsible investing.

We are convinced that being accountable to environmental, social and governance issues allows us to reduce risks, to make better investment decisions and to contribute in the building of strong companies, all the while improving the value we create for our investors.

We believe that sharing our ESG values with our portfolio companies will allow us to build stronger brands, in order to further optimize operational efficiencies, reduce costs, boost team productivity, access potential new markets, lower the cost of capital and raise our portfolio companies’ profitabity and their shareholders’ returns.

From its inception in 2014, ArchiMed has signed the “Charte d’Engagements des Investisseurs pour la croissance”, established by France Invest. This Charter sets objectives that go beyond the traditional financial, ethical and regulatory topics: economic, environmental, social and governance.

We have integrated within our due diligence process an ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) process. This initiative is fundamental to our overall investment strategy. We are convinced that the integration of non-financial elements in our investment strategy is essential in order to create long term value for our investors, our portfolio companies and our partners. We encourage the companies we invest in to adopt the best policies in this area.
We have created within our management company an ESG improvement policy for our internal procedures in order for us to reduce our carbon footprint and so that we can improve our social and governmental impact.


We work alongside our portfolio companies to reduce our impact on the environment.

We apply the same environmentally conscious approach at the investment management company level through a set of policies that aim to reduce our environmental footprint when travelling, managing waste and in various other areas.


As an investment company specialised in Healthcare, we participate in actions that promote individual and social wellbeing in France and in Europe.

We capitalize on our Healthcare expertise, as well as on our access to capital to contribute to sustainable change. In accelerating growth and improving the positioning of our portfolio companies in the long term, we promote job creation and participation in local economies.


Within our portfolio companies, we establish better governance and strong reporting practices. Additionally, we aim to develop or reinforce their management teams’ ability to promote these practices, and we encourage them to share this information widely, in a transparent manner, throughout the entire length of the investment period.

Voting policy

The voting policy of the management company is available to the investors at the headquarters of the company.

Best selection/ best execution policy

ArchiMed has implemented a «best selection/best execution » policy in order to act in the best interests of the investors.

Conflict of interest policy

The conflict of interest policy of the management company is available to the investors at the headquarters of the company.

Maximum claim processing

ArchiMed undertakes to acknowledge receipt of any claim within 48 hours, by any means. ArchiMed undertakes to respond to any claim within a maximum period of 8 working days, except in case of the occurrence of duly justified specific circumstances.

Mediator AMF

In case of dissatisafaction regarding the treatment of your claim, you can contact the independant mediator of the A.M.F at the following address :

Médiateur de l’AMF
Marielle Cohen-Branche
17, place de la bourse
75082 PARIS CEDEX 02
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