Business Overview

ArchiMed completed its investment in Fytexia in June 2016. Fytexia is a rapidly growing leader in the development of innovative ready-to-use solutions dedicated to the dietary nutrition industry and validated by extensive third-party scientific research and testing.

Fytexia has developed a unique offer in the space with a range of 5 proprietary ingredients with demonstrable efficacy supported by clinical studies, published in top rated scientific journals. A promising pipeline of new products will be presented to the market in the coming months.

Founded in 2003 and headquartered near Béziers, the Company opened a subsidiary in the US in 2013 to support strong demand in the American market. Earlier this year, an office has also been established in Malaysia, to develop the rapidly growing Asian market.


2003 → Fytexia founded
2006 → Launch of Sinetrol – First blockbuster
2013 → New York office opened
2016 → Kuala Lumpur office opened